Yvonne Munshi
CHT (Non-medical) (SAIH) (IMDHA)

Yvonne Munshi, hypnotherapist, bio-psychology student

Do you know the power of your own mind? It is awesome! Albert Schweitzer said you have your own doctor inside. And yet, we limit our potential because we know very little about accessing the master computer, our mind. Hypnosis helps you dig deep to the origins of your problems. It helps you find resolution. It changes your behaviour patterns and taps into your healing powers. Now imagine your life filled with happiness, and change your difficulties into lasting smiles.

Thomas Budge
CHT (Non-medical) (IMDHA) (SAIH)
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Certified Instructor and
Designated Examiner (ACHE)
Forensic Hypnotist (II)

Thomas Budge, author, transformationist

What is a transformationist? — One who makes marked changes in appearance or character, especially for the better. Thomas studies and facilitates changes in human thinking and spiritual awareness. Thousands have visited him over many years to overcome various personal problems. You could be one of them, to realise heightened states of mental and physical wellbeing and to explore your spiritual evolution. Utilising affirmation, suggestion and other techniques, Thomas disentangles, unsnarls and unravels your unwanted thoughts, beliefs and habits, thereby freeing you to live the life you choose to live.

Best Overall Winner, Worldwide Hypnotherapy Scriptwriting Competition, 2011 & 2013